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  IACA - International Association for Christian Action

IACA was founded in Assisi in 1991, is a christian association committed to do voluntary service .


The Association is located at two centers in Umbria :

at Rocca Sant'Angelo - Assisi - Original site ;

From Umbria  IACA is developing its work over the world, through the commitment of many associates in various professions, arts and trades.


IACA is non-profit-making and non-political.

Some guiding aims and principles are as follows :

1.a) To begin a mission that brings, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, love and peace
       amongst people, in the family and the natural world ;

1.b) To educate families and children  in receiving and living in the love and peace of God;

1.c) To assist needy people, in particular widows and orphans. To give hospitality to foreigners.
       To visit the sick and those in prison.
(Gospel of Matthew 25:31/46, Letter of James 1:27);

1.d) To prepare missionaries who with their lives pursue and spread the Word of God,
        love and peace throughout the world.

2.f)  To support and help also financially, whenever it will be necessary, the associate- founders
       and community-members and their families.


IACA is registered in the Regional Album of the Associations of Voluntary-service for the activities it carries out,  and is recognised among the organizations of social benefit  (ONLUS).


IACA undertakes environmental protection and is involved in the area for the surveillance of fire.

The IACA also realizes Pet-therapy especially for kids.

IACA is happy to put at the disposal :

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Little Church on the Sacred oak


Support the IACA - your help is precious!

For donations and offers:

Bank account:
Casse di Risparmio dell'Umbria S.p.A. 
IBAN IT44 N 03069 3828 810000 0006641

For any information you can call +39 075 8038408 or write an e-mail to or




Books on a prophetic work risen in Assisi more than thirty years ago,
which is involving the world.




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