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She ate from the catís plate ...   by Marcello Ciai

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A nursing home for Alzheimer patients on the hill of the miracles


She ate
catís plate ...

by Marcello Ciai











Suddenly she was caught by an obsession of being in a strange place and - as she said - trying to run away to go home. Very often she forgot that she had eaten and asked continuously for food.
She confused her plate with the dogís dish. In the evening she went to bed completely dressed, including shoes and refused violently any intervention, both from her husband and from the woman servant. These and other symptoms were the clear signs of my motherís illness.
I prayed and was blessed to have the chance to have her with me in my community (The Bethlehem Families, ed.note) and with God's help she no longer tried to run away or to mistake her plate for the dogís dish and she permitted to get undressed to go to bed.
But it was only me that she recognized and talked to.

Oh, but how I missed her hugs, her kisses and caresses ! 
I still remember that when I was a kid, after my umpteenth prank, she used to run after me with the broom to hit me. How marvellous it was then to ask for her forgiveness and to sit on her knees, between her loving arms. Her kisses then were my complete joy.
Therefore I launched this enterprise for a reception and study center for patients with the Alzheimer disease.

Before I die, I hope to be able to embrace some of them again.



A nursing-home for Alzheimer patients

On a hill of Gaiche - Piegaro, in the place of birth of blessed Leopold, the water of the "miracles" gushes out of the rocks, prodigious in fighting against gastritis, fermentative dyspepsies, peptic problems, gastrointestinal atonies, spastic colitis. In the neighbourhood of the spring the association IACA would like to create a center of research and assistance for Alzheimer patients.

The founder of the association, Marcello Ciai, since years has taken to heart the battle against this "plague", that affects many old people and in an increasing way, the younger ones too, with all that this progressive degenerative disorder implies, both for the patients and their relatives, who often are destined to support and care for them for a very long time.
This project will be realized in memory of Rina Ricciarelli, mother of the mentioned Ciai, who died at the age of  84 years, affected during the last 15 years of her life by this illness. Though the disease took away her daily contact with reality, it did not succeed in taking away her dignity, serenity and peace, which, thanks to the prayers and the cures of the community, carried and supported her to her dying day. 

For a project of this kind there will be need of considerable finances. 
"For the funds we are making contact with bankers, national and international associations" explains Angela Groesser, president of the IACA. 
"We put all our possible efforts into this project and we wholeheartedly invite all the  people to collaborate in whatever way they can,  whether economically or with professional loans, before, during and after the works. It will be an unrepeatable occasion for doctors, scientists, nurses and volunteers to carry out this initiative together with us."

According to experts, the place of Gaiche is particularly suited for the cure and research as well for the natural habitat in which it is located .
It is also conveniently close to the big centers of assistance (hospitals and nursing-homes) like Perugia, Montepulciano, Valdichiana, Chiusi .......



Dedicated to the one we loved :

Rina Ricciarelli in Ciai



To collaborate and help this initiative you can:

  • Send a donation through bank transfer to: Associazione I.A.C.A. International Association for Christian Action - Assisi, Petrignano:

    IBAN   IT75 O063 1538 2801 0000 0002 226

The IACA as a volunteer association Onlus no-profit lives by donations.

You can write an e-mail to -
or also call the number 075.8038408 (from abroad +39)




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