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This prophecy has been given to Marcello Ciai in 1995, after a serious illness and a period of "desert"

" Prophesy! " " What shall I prophesy ?" " Cry out !" "What shall I cry out ?"
" Is there anything new to announce under the sun ?!"

On a little light cloud comes the Word of the Lord
to announce great and tremendous things !
" Look watchman! What do you see ?"
" Oh, I see a caravan of refugees in mourning, sick, injured, hanged."
" Watchman, watchman, what do you still see ?"
" Flashes and terrors. The night is long. Terrors and flashes!

" Watchman, watchman, what is left yet of the night ?"
Here comes the dawn, but the night returns.
Come! Come and ask ! Repent while it is still morning !
The cries of the vespers frighten me, its mournings make me pine.

" Cry out watchman, cry out !"
" What shall I cry out ?!"
" Bring water! Bring bread to the refugees! so that they don't languish and die."

Didn't you hear it already, o daughter of Sion ?
What is written, is written, what is decided, is decided.
But you, by means of your unworthy ministers, have reduced in ruins
the fortresses and frightened and confused its inhabitants.
Here, I will put pride against pride, and it shall be man against man,
woman against woman, brother against brother, sister against sister,
mother against daughter, daughter against mother, father against son,
son against father, wife against husband, husband against wife,
family against family, nation against nation, city against city,
country against country, power against power.
Race against race, class against class, west against east, east against west,
north against south, south against north.
In the desert and in the steppe lies its greatness.
The intelligence of the proud will fade away and I will trample upon their projects,
so that they will return and seek for magicians, astrologers and fortune-tellers and
I will put them in the hands of the cruel dominator of darkness.
Oracle of the Lord of Hosts.
The city will be emptied, the woman will not give birth;
the genitals will become purulent.
The strong and the weak will pine away and become pale.
The news will diminish and will be scattered to the wind.
The press will wither and disappear.
Fishers of news will complain and mourn and
fishers of men will complain and remain desolate.
Manufacturers, business-men and stylists will be confused and will turn pale.
The economy will collapse and the workmen will be dismayed.
How intelligent are the leaders of science !
The most clever of the president's advisers form a stupid council.
How can they say: " I come from famous schools and teachers ?! "
Let them reveal to you what the Lord of Hosts has decided against pride.
The wise men have become stupid and deceive the famous teachers,
as to lead astray all their leaders.
The Lord has sent a spirit of misleading on all the leaders that makes them move
in every way like drunkards in their own vomit.
They will do nothing good :
neither those who are at the head nor those at the tail,
neither those in high places nor those in the lowest ones,
neither he who is leader nor he who obeys,
neither he who guides nor he who follows;
neither the king nor his subjects;
neither the Pope, nor his faithful."
The Word of the Lord.




It was the 15th day of the 8th month of the year 1981.
Ciai felt the hand of the Lord strongly upon him, and the word of God came
to him in this way:

  The Mantle  

The Spirit expressly says:  "Yes my son, prophesy to the cypresses, shadows of the dead, rebuke for me the sea that throws up wild beasts.  Turn to the hills of the Great City and speak; and that the whole earth may hear you.
You were shining, resounding, you formed a crown to the throne of my bride. All the nations looked and admired. And now you are a shame, a disgrace to my eyes. Here, evil upon evil has arrived, misfortune has arrived. In every corner  an ambush is laid.  There isn’t  a way of escape to be found anywhere.  I incite one against another. Violence explodes and becomes the sickle of wickedness. In the midst of the rowdy and dull uproar the scythe strikes without mercy, the just and the unjust; because My law has been infringed, the new covenant has not been respected, the alliance has been broken and the great day is coming near !

He who enjoys be as if he doesn’t enjoy;  he who makes love be as if he doesn’t make love, he who quarrels be as if he doesn’t quarrel, he who marries be as if he doesn’t marry, he who buys be as if he doesn’t buy, he who sell be as if he doesn’t sell. But mankind is in lunacy ! They go after their own disgusting idols; the more they enjoy, the more they are displeased; the more they eat, the more they are hungry; the more they drink, the more they are thirsty; the more they make love, the more they have lust; the more they sleep, the more they are sleepy. It is just the trap of  evil. In the midst of their idols there are their wounded. And it is all a devastation; even nature, plants, wildlife, birds, fish, all perish. And the show is only at the beginning. The battle is joined, tremendous will be the big final explosion in all My rage. 

Raise your hands, clap them, stamp your feet, pull out your hair, tear your clothes,  throw yourself on the ground, fast and weep, because few will be the survivors. If they would at least listen and repent ! Repent while you’re in time ! My wrath is upon the earth and my rage burns. The examples of the past aren’t enough for you ? My prophetic word is forgotten, denied and shunned. But you will not avoid,  you will not deny and you will not forget my chastisement. Here I am at your pride, at your presumptuousness, at your greed, at your overbearing nature and arrogance, at your lust, at your promiscuity, at your opportunism, at your hypocrisy and falsity, at your avarice, at your corruption. All the money spent in vanity and  accumulated in the world up to this day, will not be sufficient to bribe my justice. Each single word of Mine will be carried into effect and then there will be weeping and gnashng of teeth. One speaks of peace, one seeks peace, but men do not even know anymore what is “peace”.  Peace only I can give it; but nobody finds anymore that “ treasure hidden in the field”, because nobody wants to sell and everybody wants to have. So every day is full of bad news: crisis, wars, famines, hunger, diseases, earthquakes, death, scandals, drugs, robberies, extortions, kidnapping for ransom, outrage, brutality, rapes, tortures, violence, homicides, suicides, terrors and slaughters, calamities. Many are confused and scared, like sheep in the night who hear the wolf in the midst of them.
Where are the shepherds, what are they doing ?   They let themselves call  “father”, and they aren’t fathers. You would take care of your children in this way ?
My son prophesy against the priests, tell them for my part :  Woe to you priests and friars, who herd yourselves. You are the leaders who carry great responsibilities. You watch the time and say:  -Oh, I must say mass !  Oh, I must perform the church ceremony ! As the maid watches the time and says: - Oh, I must set the table ! Oh, I must prepare supper ! And at the end of the month she has her salary assured. The fatherly, pastoral love that I have taught you doesn’t exist. I have given everything, up to My life, in sacrifice for the sheep and I am the door.
He who doesn’t enter through this door is a thief and a false shepherd. The true shepherd goes and seeks for the lost sheep, the one that has gone astray, takes care of the wounded and the sick one, helps and strengthens the weak one and caresses the frightened one. But you don’t put into practice my justice, you don’t  treat correctly and firmly My Word. You say that there is peace, where peace doesn’t exist, You say  that there is justice, where justice doesn’t exist, You say that there is love, where love doesn’t exist, You say that there is forgiveness, where forgiveness doesn’t exist.
So says the Lord.
And you my son, prophesy once more against the priests, whether they listen or fail to listen, because they fall asleep on the altars, where everything has been reduced to a formal and exterior worship; they don’t teach My law and people go wrong for the lack of knowledge. Once they have finished what they believe their pastoral duty, they say in their hearts:
-The Master is coming late -  and they also begin to enjoy, to eat, to drink, to make love, to sleep, to buy and sell and argue. But tell them, so says the Lord: When you least expect it, the Master will return, and then you’ll want to hide yourselves in your cassock and in the altar, but My fire will unmask you and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth . Oracle of the Lord.  

My son, prophesy also against the leaders, they will not listen to you, they have hardened their hearts. If only they would listen and repent !

When you were born, my bride, you were naked, despised and covered with blood. I had mercy on you and I made you grow and multiply and you reached the time of love; How beautiful you were. You were still naked, poor and stained with the blood shed for me; Then I took you and washed you, I covered you with the most beautiful dresses, I made you wear the most precious shoes, I adorned you with the most  precious and brilliant jewels, I gave you the most delicious foods to eat. So you became immensely beautiful and you got to reign. All the nations looked at you and admired you. Then you hardened your heart, being assured of your beauty and of my love, and you have betrayed me. And now here you are, reduced to open your legs to the detestable beings that surround you. So for My anger, full of jealousy, reaps upon you what you deserve; and around the altar together with your idols, there are and there will be your wounded and your dead.
So says the Spirit.
Where is your original faithfulness ? Where is your fervour, your first love that inebriated me with perfume and inflamed My ardour up to raising the dead for you ? How beautiful you were, oh my bride ! Mother of my children, delight of my eyes, splendour for all the people. Now, you are nothing else than rotten fruit ! You seek for glory in political and religious alliances; you talk about ecumenism; but  can one put together a rotten pomegranate with unripe lemons to make a sweet ? You have to seek only My alliance that you have violated, which is the only way for true PEACE. “  


On the twelfth day of the seventh month of the year nineteenhundred and ninetyfive,  Marcello Ciai,  prophesied on Assisi - two years before the earthquake, Amos the prophet had the same ( Amos 1 : 1 ) -
The prophecy on Assisi said amongst others :


Listen Assisi,

don't shut your ears;

don't reject my voice.

Listen earth once blessed,

even if Francis and Clare were to stand before me,

I can do no more to withdraw my anger.

Yes, I am tired of having pity,

I am tired of hearing the preach on peace and mercy.

Woe to Assisi, to Assisi

where Francis once encamped and won.

Like a ghost from the dust he will talk to the

multitude of strangers who trample upon your earth.

Let your feasts continue, continue,

Your earth will tremble and split ....



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