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In the year 1967, in the eleventh month, on the 29th day, while he was hunting in the marsh of the Trasimeno Lake near the old airport of Castiglione del Lago, a man from the land of  Assisi, Marcello Ciai, had a vision that left a deep impression in his life converting him to God.
Born to a family of clothes-traders, the man had lost his youthful faith, and as unbeliever he sought appeasement in success, the pleasures of the world and also in the enjoyment of  nature.
Only  a long time after that exceptional event has he felt able to tell all that he had seen :

" I moved along the marsh under an autumn sky uniformly covered by a clear cloudy mantle. I was captured in that crepuscular time, by the concert of songs, lights, noises and the odours of the marsh, with its particular vegetation and animals.

Intent upon the difficult hunting of snipe, my  gaze was attracted upward unexpectedly irresistibly. I looked up toward the east and there it was !
As if the sky was opened and something amazing and awful was happening, in an indescribable apocalyptic scene that made me astounded.
I said: " Here is the end! This is the judgement! " I bent my head as if to run away, looking at that moment for someone who was nearby me, but in vain.

I was afraid that I should tremble so much that I might  slip into the marsh.
When I looked up again, the cloudy vault was reclosed, and  from  underneath, ploughing the sky, a long, fantastic, perfect formation of figures like big magnifying glasses, came out of the vault.  
The formation had the grey colour of smoke and figures proceeded two by two, going straight ahead.
Suddenly four of these opalescent forms were detached from the others and lowered themselves down slowly until they touched the reeds in front of me.
I had the clear perception that the forms were animated.
Still before I succeeded in moving towards them, I saw them launch upward like a flash, to rejoin the others that were disappearing through the cloudy vault."

After this vision, Marcello felt ill for three days, and remained deeply troubled for a long time. But since then he started looking up to heaven, to open himself to the heavenly and invisible reality and to search for that which transcends the mind and human knowledge and to think of the supernatural, of GOD.


The surprising story of the conversion; three witnesses, the third a prodigious one:


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