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("how to cheat tourist")

("Such is the good that awaits me that delights me every pain")

Massimo Coppo under the porch of the Lower Square of St. Francis.
On the left a photo taken in 2011 with the caption "how to cheat tourist".
On the right a photo taken in a snowy night in 2013 and published in a blog where there is written
"Road for holiness Massimo Coppo" and
" Such is the good that awaits me that delights me every pain."


A passionate photographer, very close to the franciscan friars of Assisi, published a picture of Massimo Coppo under the porticoes of the Basilica of St. Francis (picture on the left).

The photo, "how to cheat tourists", dates back to 2011, but we "discovered" it only now.

The presence of Massimo Coppo in Assisi with a sackcloth and barefoot, even with several degrees below zero (picture on the right), is perhaps the only true "penitential" sign in the city of St. Francis. After the scandals that unfortunately are investing the Church, maybe to see this penitent could warn the tourists not to be fooled by friars, priests, abbots, monsignors...


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