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Welcome  visitor,

To you love and peace from the depth of my heart whoever you may be:  friend or enemy, Italian or stranger, believer or un-believer, Christian or non-Christian!

You will find on this site, some  interesting enterprises and particular activities of the IACA, which wants to bring help and solidarity also through Internet.

You'll see that all you'll find on this site could be very useful to you, and may even change your life, especially in these tremendous last times.

You have to know, that after my conversion beginning in 1978 and from which you'll find, in this site, a short "witness", I want to do everything for the love of others.

Also for this reason I have founded the association IACA, of whose story you will find outlines in the new involving book "From the land of Assisi and of Francis the Spirit of prophecy", written by my brother in faith Massimo Coppo and which also talks about my prodigious encounter with the Lord and the prophecies.

Today i can say with holy pride that Massimo has been called by the Lord like Saint Francis to the ancient Assisi.

I thank you for having read this message and wish you all the best.

God bless you and good navigation !

Marcello  Ciai